Learn About Creeping Blindness, Glaucoma

Glaucoma causes a  painless, gradual, irresistible loss of vision. When there is an increased intraocular pressure in the eyeball it causes damage to the optic nerve. This situation can be solved through surgery. The techniques that can solve this issue are though revising intraocular pressure, making a change in ONH and also changing in the visual field. These simple solutions can help you gain back your vision.

At the Stavan Eye Clinic, Dr Parth Shah does special treatment for this problem. he helps the patient get aware of their problem, then choose the best treatment according to the problem that they are facing. He helps them understand what they will be going through and how they can get better. After the treatment is over, he also suggests methods to keep the eye, safe from further problems.

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If you are looking for the best possible treatment in the city of Ahemdabad, then you should consult Dr Parth Shah. His clinic is situated in Naranpura and on weekdays he sits from 12 PM to 2 PM and 5 PM to 8 PM.

You can also get his consultation from 5 PM to 8 PM on Saturdays.

You can also call them at 079 2747 24 24, or 990 997 24 24.

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